My Ships

During my seafaring time in the DSR-Lines I joint different ships as Radio-Officer, brought into service new built ships or controlled ship repairs. But three ships are my top favourites, because they have been important steps in my personal career.

MS "J.G. Fichte" - the training-ship, we joint it as trainees from navigation and got first experiences with seafaring and practice in radiocommunications. Unforgettable are the nights in the bar “Hippodrome”, long nights playing “Skat” or shoreleaving time at Cuba and Mexico.

MV “Stralsund” – my first ship as radio-officer – running between Rostock and East- and Westafrica , sometimes around the Cape of Good Hope. Unforgettable the first voyage with the main transmitter complete down in the North Sea an I had to new wire on the back side of the transmitter housing a lot, because of destroyed isolation. Also unforgettable are voyages with sheeps or cows on board.

MV “Karl Marx” – a fast liner ship always on far east trip , for me as sailor the best voyages. Not only why we had a collision during maiden voyage in Tokyo Bay and spent 4 weeks in Kawasaki ship yard for repair. All far east countries have been interesting adventures during long shore leaving trips, and also stories about the cargo should get a place in the stories.