In DSR-Lines every ships voyage started and ended in the port of Rostock, the biggest port in the former German Democratic Republic (GDR). On the routes the ships called in Europe mostly the well known ports for every sailor as Hamburg, Rotterdam, Antwerp. Homebound we stopped sometimes in Genoa, Marseille or Lisbon. On the voayages for East or West africa we had also ports in Great Britain, as Liverpool, Hull and very seldom London. To safe foreign currencies the ships had to keep nearly every equipment for the complete voyage on board, food and beverage and also for example christmas trees. Once a trip from West Africa had been longer than usual and we didn't have any christmas tree on board, and to buy one in Africa.... Therefore we painted one on a big paper and fixed him at the wall in messroom. On christmas evening everybody got two or three small cakes , one orange and half a bottle of wine, no more. After calling our first european port - Genoa - we ordered immediatly good italian wine.

Very seldom we got cargo bound for scandinavian ports, for example some anchor chains for oil rigs, bound for bergen. But in that port it gave not a suitable crane to handle the long long chains. Two days they tried it - one big part remaining on board and one big part layed ashore - and no more for and aft . Then we loaded all parts back into the hull and sailed for Malmö/Sweden to finish discharging.

Its nearly impossible to talk about all ports we called, therefore on the left only some pictures from interesting port towns.