is one of most exciting country in the world and a stop in japanese ports has been everytimes a wonderful event.

The most exciting time in japanes ports has been in the first days of january. In this time the japanese people celebrated their national new years holidays. Some of the japanese girls dressed them with the traditional kimono and walked through parks and streets and everybody was able to take very fine fotos

Early in the morning, if it was clear weather the mount Fuji San the holy mount of all japanese people could be seen out of the port of Yokohama. According a japanese saying will everybody who saw once the Fuji San will come back to Japan at some time or other.

Regrettable our first contact to japanese port with the MV "Karl Marx" has been unlucky, because we had a collision with a japanese tankship. But the good thing after has been 4 weeks stay in a ship yard for repairs, time enough to visit Yokohama and Tokyo too.

Besides containers once we loaded in Yokohama a big crankshaft from 95 tons weight. From Yokohama we sailed to a small port in the north east of Japan and had heavy swell. Just befor passing the port entrance our ship rolled two three times from portside to starboardside and back up to about 45 degrees. The lashes of that bloody crankshaft broke away, the crankshaft moved against a wooden case with her spareparts, smashed her seriously and stopped just before the hull.

In Kobe we had good japanese friends and visited often a small original japanese restaurant in the downtown.