During 6 years sailing in range of africa we called a lot of ports around that continent, bigger ports like Casablanca, Dakar, Lagos, Mombasa, Daressalaam or Port Sudan and small ports mostly in rivers like Port Harcourt in Nigeria or Mtwara in East Africa. Its nearly impossible to list all of them. And everybody brought pounds of wooden souvenirs at home, surely for a real good price, the best price. You know: "No mama no papa, no food all days...!"

The best time has been trips to small villages in the jungle, mostly by boat. It has been so interesting life, meeting mostly friendly people and having the real african smell in the nose. Look the fotos and have a really small impression of this adventures.

Besides groundnuts or groundnuts-expeller, spices and other agriculture products we loaded very often trunks of different kinds of wood.