The education for service as second class radio officer on a ship radio station comprised in the sixties last century 6 semester on our navigation school in Wustrow. A second way to get this license was one year special study to get a special license, some years practice on board smaller ships and 2 years study later on to get the second class certificate. The navigation school has been changed into a high school in the early seventies.

The education in the three years included besides electro technique, electronics, theory of high frequencies, amplifier technique also four languages – English, French, Spanish and Russian. In minimum one semester has been training on board of MV “Johann Gottlieb Fichte”/DCZK. We spent in our studying time altogether with breaks nearly one year on board of this ship.

In this years we had to study the radio communications like a handicraft. Mainly used in this time was the valve formula from Mr. Barkhausen and electronic valves for transmitter amplifiers had been nearly the same size like a “wine balloon”. Transistors had been mysterious small things, newly coming up but nobody could understand it. Later on board we got more and more equipments with really new electronics, so we had any times to learn more about the new technique and technologies. First came the transistors, later the logic circuits and on my “star ship” MV “Karl Marx”/DDXA the maintransmitter had an frequency exciter mostly equipped with integrated circuits.

In the end of this engineer education we got the license as second class radio operator. In 1975 I had my examination to get the first class operator's certificate successful.

As from 1977 until 1980 again I went to navigation school, upgraded in the mean time to a high school, to become a certificated engineer. My dissertation I wrote about using satellite communication on board ships.